Wynne’s campaign manager costs $3 million dollars to taxpayers

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Kathleen Wynne’s campaign manager’s company has bagged deal of 3 million dollars from government departments such as Ontario energy board and Wynne’s office. The whole episode smacks of chronic capitalism. It is noted that Gandalf Group spearheaded by David Herle was awarded 2.7 million dollar contract. He is one of the primary liberal strategists making full use of the government largesse.

Ontario residents have been paying monstrous electricity bills right through their nose and on the top of it, the above mentioned expose is bound to make them angrier. For all the talk of transparency, the liberal administration has failed to walk the talk. The recent expose could prove to be a final nail in the coffin. According to the report, it was found that the company of Herle billed the department at the rate of 420$ per hour. Employees working for the Ontario power had to pay 270 $ per hour to the company. The opposition is demanding that how the contractual work was awarded to the liberal loyalist.

NDP leader was scathing of premier Wynne and her biased attitude towards the liberals. The finance department also awarded the contract to Gandalf Group in the tune of 400,000$. Global mail and group media had earlier reported that 1.1 million dollars was already given to the company. Alex swan, the representative of the company told the media that the bidding was transparent and fair.

Freedom of information request has led to the skeletons stumbling out of the closet. The high-voltage campaign by the liberals during federal elections seems to be now just like hogwash. Decisions of the premier sound as if she would face the conflict of the interest issue in the legislature. Designating a loyalist as the primary contractor can create lots of problems for the liberal government in the near future.


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