Justin Trudeau flirtations with China, Is it worth the risk?

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Justin Trudeau seems to dig his own grave by trying to improve relations with China. In the ongoing G20 summit, he was planning to sign a free trade agreement not giving a thought that it can spell doom for the country. Far right politicians are dead against the deal because of the China’s miserable human right and the prospect of cheap Chinese goods flooding the country could lead to the death knell of the local economy.

One of the most glaring inadequacies of China is the existence of capital punishment but Trudeau seems to brush everything under the carpet. Canadian ambassador to China told the media that the free trade is long way off since the labor laws and state owned enterprises were the main hurdles in the path of economic integration.

China has just signed extradition treaty with Canada in the name of chasing out the corrupt that profited from the banks but it might be an exercise to eliminate the political rivals inside the country. The existing trade deficit of 45 billion dollars is quite huge and free trade can increase it to huge proportions. According to the opponents of the deal, it can only be fruitful as a part of the multi lateral process.

Canada on its part wants China to eliminate the tariffs making the Canadian product more expensive. For instance, duty on the canola oil should go to ensure level playing field as far as trade is concerned.

Trudeau is selling the economic partnership with China as necessary to bolster the trade and also make sure to combat the climate change issue. Conservatives are absolutely against any kind of unequal business relationship with the middle kingdom as it is bound to do more harm than good in the future. Therefore, to cut the long story short, Mr. Prime minister should be cautious in dealing with the Chinese.


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