Trudeau criticizes NYC attack as violent extremism

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Justin Trudeau was at his wits again by terming the recent New York attack as violent extremism. Even the chain of blasts and injured people failed to deter the PM from his path of minority appeasement. No matter what happens he is steadfastly supporting diversity in Canadian population to the hilt.

In the speech to the general assembly, he praised NYC citizens for being resilient to the ongoing attacks but stopped short of calling the miscreant as terrorist. His political compulsion was evident the way he portrayed the whole incident and also maintained that fear psychosis should not be used for political gain.

One of the biggest assets of the liberals is the minority vote bank that voted in full strength in the federal election. The statement was more of a public gimmick not to lose the votes in the future. Liberals have taken the baton to take care of the rights of minorities but the policy of appeasement would not take him too far.

With Imams of Canada preaching sermons and exhorting the followers to vote for liberals, the day is not far when Sharia is allowed in Canada. It is going to do more harm than good from long term perspective.

Trudeau was very categorical in an interview he gave to a Muslim Newspaper in the year 2014. He pointed out that a clear distinction has to be made between terrorism and Islam religion. Mr. prime minister doesn’t want people to paint the Muslims with a single brush.

Minority especially the religion of peace followers would be delighted by the response of the liberals. For them, it is a fresh whiff of air and a golden opportunity to spread the ideology to every nook and corner of Canada. In short, the country should brace up for harder times in the future.