Trudeau says Canadians want a Country wide carbon tax 

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Trudeau in the parliament tried to counter the arguments of the opposition by maintaining that his party is the first that has decided concretely to tax the carbon pollution. NDP MP was not amused as he thought that Justin was harping back to the era of Stephen Harper. In the question answer session, MP Thomas Mulcair asked Prime Minister that how he is planning to tackle the climate change issue that has become hostage to the bad policies of Conservatives and Liberals.

Justin told the speaker that various provinces have agreed on the pricing plan but the opposition alleged that he was putting all the burden of the center to the state. In fact liberals are following the same target as the conservatives when they were in power. Trudeau disclosed that premiers of all the provinces agreed to put the cost on the carbon in order to reduce the emission in the near future however in what form it will take depends on the consensus building mechanism.

Brad Wall, Saskatchewan Premier on the contrary is against the idea of carbon taxing. He propagates trading and stresses on implementing technological solutions to reduce the pollution. Imposition of taxes on the carbon pollutants will not have any effect on the environment neither it will benefit the economy of the country.

Justin Trudeau in his speech stated in the parliament that taxing is essential to meet the target set by the Paris climate agreement. Tim McMillan who is the President of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers told the media that technological breakthrough can only save the nation from pollutants and other steps are not going to make any difference.

Green energy policies of labor government has already backfired and with higher taxes imposed on the fossil fuels, the price of energy is bound to go up in the near future.