GUNS BLAZING: Canadians Tough On Trudeau’s Middle East Policies 

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Manitoba MP has come out all guns blazing against Trudeau’s policy in the Middle East. In spite of the attack in Paris where many people lost their lives, the liberals refused to give permission to the air force to bombard positions in Syria.

Bergen, the opposition MP hoped that better sense would prevail on the Prime Minister and he would rethink on allowing 25000 refugees from Syria inside Canada.

The attack on Paris stunned liberals but failed to deter Trudeau who didn’t commit troops to fight the scourge of ISIS. Even the heinous crime failed to compel him to ramp up the efforts against the Islamic terrorists. Manitoba MP says that she believes in the policy of Trudeau but fails to understand why he is pulling back from the Syrian imbroglio when the ISIS is attacking with impunity across Europe.

She doesn’t know what to tell the voters about the role of Canada in the ongoing Syrian Crisis. The whole issue seems to point out that Canada is not ready to alienate its Muslim population by targeting the Islamic state. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall also expressed his apprehension that refugees need not be allowed in Canada without proper screening. If everybody is permitted, the arrival of criminal elements cannot be ruled out. In Europe, lots of refugees arrived and thereafter people saw waves of attacks in France.

Bergen is the view that refugees should only be allowed after detailed verification and fast-tracking the process is bound to do more harm than good in the long run for Canada. Bringing a lot of people in the country is a task fraught with danger especially when Canada is suffering from a very high unemployment rate. The policy making strategy seems to be totally aligned towards the interest of the Muslims without any concern to right or wrong.