Justin Trudeau out to destroy Canada with CETA sign up

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The prime minister is all set to sign the CETA agreement in the month of the October but the opposition is up in arms against the decision. It is a set if austerity measures that have to be observed by the government for 10 years however it can seriously impede the capability of the Canadians to use the bank in an innovative manner. Curbing spending can have a detrimental effect on the infrastructure of the cities and towns.

According to CETA, it will be the internal bankers who will decide how Canada is going to spend the money. In short, the whole treaty runs contrary to the principles of democracy.

The country is facing tremendous problems in meeting the climatic goals and may need to implement programs and rules in the future. International corporations with the sole aim of making a profit cannot decide what a country should do. Instead the prerogative needs to be with the government as social commitment has to be taken into account.

Under CETA the companies can sue the government if environmental regulations passed are not aligned with their interests. Justin continues to persist with the policy of Harper that would do more harm than good in the long run. One of the most important drawbacks of CETA is that it provides an incentive to the investors to directly sue the state.

Uruguay is a burning example when tobacco companies sued the government for running anti-tobacco campaigns and causing losses. Due to pending litigation, the country was not able to run the social campaigns in a perfect manner. In order to avoid such a situation Canada should refrain from becoming a signatory to the treaty but for it to be a success every citizen of the country should protest the move vociferously and not allow it to become a stooge of the big corporations.