This SHOCKING Decision Trudeau Made Will Ruin Him

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Justin Trudeau is in his wits again with a possible tirade against the animal lovers. People in Canada signed a petition e-123 that requested the government to ban the import of dog and cat fur but he seems to have rejected the proposal. Instead, the Prime Minister has allowed the skin trade in stark contrast to what U.S and Great Britain have done.

Global affairs Canada was told by the Fur Council of Canada that the organization has a stated policy that not a single designer in the country works with the animal fur belonging to dog or cat. Besides it is not involved anyway with the trading of the aforementioned item.

The information is quite similar to the one received by the conservative government of Steve Harper way back in 2009. Justin Trudeau has simply decided to continue the same habit no matter what the common Canadians say. The government is particularly loathed to do anything. Therefore it is important for the citizens to put pressure and make sure that the import of fur ends as soon as possible in the country.

Bill Blair, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Justice alleged that the present government is trying to set the clock of animal protection back by 20 years. According to the elected representatives, bill 246-C amendments to the bill banning the import of fur should be discussed in detail by the parliament to arrive at a consensus. Allowing the fur inside the country is against the Canadian ethos and the western liberal values. Life of animal should be respected and trading of any kind need to be restricted into the country.

If people allow Trudeau to have his way, he might bring the medieval period and values back into the modern age. If it happens, the liberals would finally achieve their goals.