Alberta Government Announces $100 Million In Spending, Mostly On Green Energy

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The Alberta government has announced a $100 million dollar investment to further explore green energy solutions.

Green energy has been known to be the most costly way to produce energy, solar power companies are going bankrupt after years and research and development. 

Alberta announced $46 million will go towards just that, from Global News:

Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous said the money will be used to support job creation and innovation in the renewable energy and natural gas sectors.

He said almost $46 million will to go TransAlta Renewables to expand developments in clean energy.

Another $46 million will to Calfrac Well Services to further environmental innovation in the oil and gas industry.

Pine Cliff Energy is getting $6 million, which will go to to consolidate natural gas assets.

Rachel Notley is trying to phase out Alberts billion dollar energy sector, her bad policies have already put some of Alberta in poverty. 

It’s only a matter of time, during the provincial elections Albertans can expect to see a conservative government.