The right move from Swiss leader? Ban hijab from passports

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Walter Wobmann who is also the member of the right wing socialist party has indicated that hijab should be banned from the passport photos. Head scarves, hair bands, and even caps may not be allowed due to security concerns. Mr. Wobmann is an ardent opponent of the primitive Islamic practices and claims that wearing a burqa is giving special treatment to certain sections of the society. According to him, hijab should not be allowed for the passport images as it smacks of preferential treatment.

Official guidelines by the Swiss government states that people can wear scarves according to the requirement of their religion even while snapping images for the passport. The only issue is that the face should be identifiable. Mr. Wobmann has criticized the policy of the government and states that if the cap is not allowed for the passport, headscarves should also be banned. It is nothing but appeasement of minority as people may not like the new ruling of the government. Mr. Wobmann has written to the federal council about the issue and is waiting for the response.

SVP, the right wing party in Switzerland advocates tougher migration laws to protect the liberal values of the country. In the month of July, the government has banned burqas in the country as more than 65% of the people supported the law.

A quiet and visible movement by the right wing is gathering momentum in Europe. Successive governments are succumbing to the religious and regulations. In future, a backlash is imminent from the majority of the population. A common civil code is the order of the day and people migrating from other nations should respect the law of the land. It will not only help in assimilation process but also go a long way in eliminating religious tensions.