Vancouver BANS Natural Gas, Good Luck! 

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The city of Vancouver has made a move that’s never attempted before, all natural gas is to be banned from the city by 2050, only 34 years from now. 

My quick response is good luck! Nearly every house and businesses are using natural gas to hear their homes and buildings, restaurants use it to cook. 

Vancouver claims it can be the first city to ban natural gas and be the greenest city in Canada. 

From Global News: 

The decision was made in July as part of its Renewable City Strategy. The plan calls for a ban of natural gas, meaning no new buildings can use it and old buildings must be retrofitted to use renewable energy.

Restaurants, businesses, schools, and factories must all comply. That will translate into some hefty bills for consumers.

Phasing out natural gas means consumers must shift to renewable forms of energy, like electricity, which costs upwards of three times more than gas, or methane gas.

The goal is included in the city’s plan to be a carbon-free city by 2050.

Data from the city says 45 per cent of energy used in Vancouver is from natural gas used for building heating. By 2050, they say 40 per cent of buildings will have been replaced and built to carbon-neutral standards. The remaining older buildings will need to undergo hefty retrofits to bring their standards up to those of new construction.

Mayor Gregor Robertson hopes there will be a 70 per cent reduction in natural gas use by 2020 and 90 per cent reduction by 2050.

The plan will cut city-wide building energy use by 30 per cent compared to 2014.

While it’s not a full-out ban, it’s their full intention to ban the city from natural gas, what are your thoughts? You think they can do it?