Islamic migrants gang rape mother of three in the UK  

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Even Quran has sanctioned the rape and molestation of nonbeliever girls. In 4:3, 4:24, 33:50 lines, it is mentioned that enslaving the infidels is the divine right of every Muslim and Allah would absolve them of any wrongdoing. Towing the same line, Six Iraqi, Syrian and Bahrain immigrants abducted and raped the mother of 3 in the UK. She alleged that they used a sedative in the drinks to the drug, took her to an apartment and raped in turns.

She was in Sunderland when attacked but woke up in Peel Street with numerous cuts and bruises around the body. The women slipped out of the apartment by 5 A.M on the Sunday morning and informed her family as well as the police. Such incidents do not bode well for the multicultural society like the UK as the tolerance level of the people against the migrants is going south.

Southern Area commands Chief Inspector while talking to the media confessed that he was aware how the drink of the women was spiked and she became the victim of a heinous crime. He told the public that patrolling was increased in the area to assure safety to the people. All 6 migrants have been arrested and released on bail.

The incident had a cascading effect on the psyche of the community as individuals came out in large number to protest. Instances of rape are rising in the city and majority of it is committed by the migrants. Right wing supporters called the Sunderland Defense league came out on the streets in huge numbers and protested against the policies of the government.

Two Asian men were injured in the commotion and 5 people were arrested by the local police. Julie Elliot who is also the MP of Sunderland called people to stay calm and assured that the perpetrators would be brought to justice.