Justin Trudeau: Getting undue mileage with royals

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As Justin and Sophie met with the Royals from the UK, the video in which the reverend PM has made certain comments is going viral among the people. Prior to speaking to the media, Justin uttered, let’s get this over with. Nobody is sure about the context of the statement but it may have multiple connotations.

Prime minister’s office was in damage control mode as it clarified that the statement was directed towards the media and not in any way directed towards the royals. Probably Justin was tired of the huge media footage that the visit of Royals was generating in Canada. Prince William and Kate would be visiting Vancouver to grace different places.

Media channels are abuzz with the appearance of Prince George and her 16-month-old sister Princess Charlotte at the Victoria Airport. Generally, they are not seen in public but mysteriously were visible to the media. Justin tried to do high five with George but the kid refused to play ball and shook his head.

Duke of Cambridge while speaking to the media told that he was quite elated to visit Canada once again enjoying the trip to the hilt. He visited the country with his wife in the year 2011 at the time of marriage. Prince George appeared amazing is blue sweater and captured the attention of the people.

Duke and Duchess also visited immigration service society of British Columbia and met the volunteers as well as the staff who helped the refugees arriving from the Middle East. Apart from the bonhomie, the royal snub by Prince George to Justin was captured in the Video. It has become very famous on the social media and is being shared by the internet users. For all the popularity of the Prime Minister in media , The little gesture by the kids has dampened his charm.