Liberals say the calls for terror screening is anti-Canadian

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Anna Gainey, the liberal blue-eyed leader rejected the calls for terror screening as anti-Canadians. Conservatives not long back had requested the present government to tighten the screening process as the influx of migrants in Europe had led to waves of bombings. Liberals in their typical fashion are again pandering to the minority electorates but the attitude would cause long-term harm to the nation.

While sending the fundraising email to the liberal party workers, she wrote that it was heartening to see Justin Trudeau standing in the United Nations general assembly that he is trying to make Canada a truly open and inclusive society for the world. After praising Justin, she took potshots at the conservatives and commented that the opposition is trying to divide the Canadians.  

Anna also criticized the conservative MP Kellie Leitch for screening the immigrants for the Canadian values. She also stated that Tony Clement wanted to find whether the charities have any connection with the terrorist organizations. The conservative MP seems to be bang on target as lots of charity organizations especially from the Middle East have started their operations in Canada.

Anna Gainey seems to be oblivious of the impending danger and has called on the people to defeat the divisive attempts of the conservatives.  The opposition is correct in its view as it wants stricter control on the migration. Liberal MP is divorced from reality as the common Canadians are facing employment problems. It is imperative for the citizens to raise their voice against the minority appeasement policies of the Liberals. In the email, she categorically mentions that diversity is the biggest strength of Canada but allowing criminal elements in the name of migration can become a huge security threat as it has become in the case of France and many other European countries.


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