Bill C-246 will KILL farming and hunting in Canada

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Touted as the Modernizing Animal Protections Act, the regulation is being promoted by the government as a bulwark against shark fining. It is the brainchild of the few liberals who are vegan and the back benchers. In the past, they tried to pass the bill but never succeeded. Since now Justin is in power, the chances of passing the regulation are quite high.

It says that anybody who is found killing the animals or showing cruelty would not only be imprisoned but also fined to the tune of $10,000. The total duration of the jail term would be 5 years.

Since the law is not defined in a proper manner, even making chicken meat could be termed as illegal and the person arrested. Seems as if the liberals want to ban meat trade but it is bound to affect the economy of the country.

Conservatives tried not to pass the bill as it seems illogical to the business. With the hue and cry about the animal cruelty, it is now introduced into the House of Commons. If passed the whole farming business of Canada would come crashing down. It would be detrimental for the economy and may cause more harm from a long-term perspective.

Canadian people can instantly turn hostile if their livelihood is threatened. Passing C-246 would sound the death knell of the economy. Farming is the bedrock of the Canadian economy and it should not become hostage to a bill.

What can the liberals do is to make the law more specific and ensure that the interests of the stakeholders are protected? Bill should target animal abusers and not the companies engaged in the business of meat trading. In short, tweaking the rule could have a negligible effect on hunting, fishing trapping and medical research that are essential for the society.