Drinks on Trudeau’s plane cost taxpayers $1300

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Prime Ministers international jaunts are proving too expensive for the taxpayers as they have to shell out 1300$ on a daily basis. Each individual is well fed as the cost of food and beverages are exorbitant. Conservative MP Blaine Calkins was attacking the liberals for wasting the money of the people in traveling to foreign countries without any objective.

Spokesperson of national Defense has told the media that the cost also included catering and providing meals multiple times to the passengers. In addition disposable cutlery as well as airport administrative fees is also incorporated into the total bill.

Daniel Lebouthillier mentioned that catering services can be selected while ordering the food but at the airport, the options seem to be limited. Journalists too hogged on to the freebies while traveling with Justin, therefore it added to the total amount.

Depending on the number of people traveling, the actual cost of the meal was $54 for each person. It is quite close to the $41.70 expenditure incurred when the Conservative government was in power. In past challenges, aircraft were used while flying to the US as they were intended for short trips.

No matter what the government says, spending more than 1000$ per trip is twice the weekly wage of the average Canadians. It is the taxpayer bearing the cost of the government expenditure. Calkins stated in media that Trudeau government is spending a lot on the luxuries and fooling people to the hilt. In addition, ministries of the administration are moving in Limousines funded by the money of the common people.

In the latest disclosure, it is mentioned that $72,040 was spent on food and beverages for the total of 55 passengers. About dozen journalists accompanied Prime Minister to the G20 summit resulting in enormous expenses to the common Canadians and taxpayers.