Thousands of Terrorists are running among us

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Who would believe that more than 8000 terrorist encounters took Place in the US?

The chest thumping of Obama administration that Al Qaeda is on the run is an absolute hogwash. Even the Benghazi attack in Libya was perpetrated by the terrorist organization however US administration lied to the public that it was caused by the Muslim mob angered by the release of the video making fun of Islam. The lie was blown up the email of Hillary Clinton in the email where she confided that it was a well-coordinated terrorist attack.

Obama was a willing partner to the cover up as he had to win the 2012 elections. If the story was leaked to the media, people would have found out the truth and his coming to power would have been in jeopardy. A similar pattern is now being followed by suppressing the news related to the terrorists making hay in the US right under the nose of the government.

What Obama is doing is putting the life of the ordinary Americans at risk and creating problems for the country. Clinton might get elected but the US will face increasingly the loud music of terrorism sooner than later.

Terrorist Screening Center database reveals some startling facts about 7.712 encounters taking place from July 20, 2015, to July 20, 2016. It is an unclassified report and suggests the magnitude of the problem in society. It is an organization under the direct control of FBI and offers tactical support to the federal and state governments.

Although the report focuses on the Arizona state, it shows how the state is affected by the scourge of the Wahabi fundamentalists. A total number of encounters with Sunni terrorist groups was 89 and with Shia, it was 56. The majority of the skirmishes took place in the southern states of the US indicating a nexus between the smugglers and the terrorists.