Trudeau wastes $132K on dinner with Mexican President

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Prime Minister from the liberal party is engaging notoriously in many things ‘firsts’. Recent splurge on dinner with Mexican president is widely discussed in the media. His lavish lifestyle seems to even overshadow those of the dictators of the banana republic. While dining with the Mexican leader he managed to notch up a bill of $132,000. It will be deducted from the account of the taxpayers.

Canadian Prime Minister has spent a lot of money on the foreign tours and delegations. Recent exposes was possible under the access to information act and it has opened Pandora’s Box of troubles for the government.

In the report, the breakup of the services was mentioned clearly with the room rental being charged 3,000$. In addition, the adult dinner menu amounted in the vicinity of $31,000. Bill seems to be a daylight robbery to which the taxpayer has become a hostage. In terms of spending, Trudeau h as left the previous regimes behind. His spending is monstrous and even dinners running into thousands of dollars.

With the coming of the liberals in power, the government expenditure is hitting north. What is amazing is the way Trudeau is trying to hide the facts. It is a huge disappointment of sorts as the liberals crooned that they are the party with a difference.

A detailed inquiry should be launched into the daily expenses of the government. Canada is reeling from the worst financial crisis in recent times but the present setup is behaving as it is the Queen of England. Trudeau should very well know that at the end of the day he would be answerable to the public. The gravy train of financial bungling under the guise of minority politics won’t take him too far. We can only hope that he becomes frugal for the sake o f the nation.