Liberals will profit from Fort Mac. victims taking back money donated to them

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It’s already been reported that the liberal government is taking back to money they have donated to the Red Cross. 

By putting a tax on drywall it’s pretty obvious what’s going on, it’s going to cost insurance companies $275 more per $100 spent on drywall, did you know Ontario and Quebec don’t have to pay this drywall tax? 

From The Rebel 

Fort Mac, already hit by the drop in oil prices, terrible NDP policies, the massive wildfire and then flooding are having what amounts to an exorbitant liberal tax placed on every piece of drywall headed into their community. Drywall prices in the West will increase by 276%.

It’s despicable. It’s anti-Western.

Even worse, this whole tariff goes right into the government coffers with the Liberal’s making money on the devastation and tragedy Fort McMurray families have lived through this last year. It’s sickening. It’s disaster profiteering of the worst sort, like stores who jack up the price of bottled water and candles when a hurricane hits.

Don’t kid yourself, there is a subset of the Liberal party who think those uppity westerners need to be put back in their place after a decade of being in charge. This is just the sort of humility they think westerners deserve, having to beg to be able to rebuild their lives.

If the Liberals want to protect Canadian companies, and stop other countries from dumping their products into Canada, they can start by putting a tariff on every barrel of Venezuelan oil coming into Canada.

Hundreds of Fort McMurrayites are still out of their homes and yet those out of touch Liberals decided now was the time to add a tariff that will increase the cost of this one very necessary construction supply by 276%. And they’re going to profit from it.

Global News explains the tariff.