China’s out of control space station to hit Earth in 2017

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According to sources, China’s space station is said to come to Earth the next year crashing it in a big way along with some particles hitting the surface of the planet too.

Xinhua News Agency of China has the view that the orbit of the station is perishing day by day and there are high chances that it could strike the Earth and burn up. As the China is unable to contact the station, it is difficult for them to predict where and when it will strike.

According to Ivan Semuniuk who is a science reporter of Globe and Malls talk about the Tiangong 1 and says that as it is a very large orbit and therefore the chances of hitting the Earth in the second half of 2017 are quite high. As Chins is unable to get in touch with the station, it is not simple to say anything. The only solution is to wait and see whether it will fall down.

Semniuk said that the countries which fall above 43 north latitude are in the safe zone and they need not worry about. This includes Canada and other cities like London and Ontario which can be considered safe and unaffected with the orbit striking it.

As per Semniuk’s calculation, though Canada is free from this effect but a big question of worry is that most of the world comes in this range and it has become terrible to handle the situation. No contact can be established with the space station to track the position, so the conditions have become worst and will get worse day by day.

For now, we can just wait to see what will happen when the orbit strikes the surface in the next year. China has even introduced Tiangong 2 just to replace the earlier one.


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