Illegal alien kills 5 people in Cascade Mall, Washington

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One of the recent news from the US says that Arcan Cetin, a 20-year boy killed 5 people at the Washington Mall. As per the federal officials, he is not the permanent resident of US but still has voted thrice illegally.

Cetin is a citizen of Turkey and came to the US but he did not apply for citizenship and still stayed here as a permanent citizen.

The election system of US is poor as people who come to vote are not asked to provide any identity proof. According to Kim Wyman if any person who is not a citizen of US and still votes then he or she is liable for 5 years of imprisonment

Cetin has killed 4 women and 1 man at the mall last Friday and is the prime suspected victim of the same. This is definitely a terrible one as such a young lad is involved in such deadly activity which could spoil his life as well.

When this incident took place, the police officials straight away took the boy into custody and were questioned on the citizenship and why he targeted the people of the mall.

This mass killing included a woman who was at the makeup counter along with her 16-year-old son. There was a 95-year-old man as well at the counter and all these people were targeted by Cetin.

As such no indications have been made as for why Cetin did this but police are trying their best to get answers to all the questions. In a few days, something will definitely come their way and the statement will then be issued by the officials.

Till then you will have to wait to see what the police officials are up to and how they will tackle the situation.


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