Justin Trudeau takes selfie with Canadian Terrorist

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One of the pictures posted on social media has created a lot of buzzes. Though at the first instance you will find the picture to be an ordinary one as prime minister poses with one of the voters. But when observed carefully the voter is said to have been suspected of kidnapping two journalists of America in Syria along with the Quebecers. Still, the voter was able to click a selfie with Trudeau.

According to La Presse, it is not easy to confirm his name in the events take took place in Syria. No crime has been proved in his name. He has traveled to Turkey for a few months between 2012 and 2013 but there are no proofs to show that he even crossed the Syria borders.

There are two sources that have some knowledge about the case but are not allowed to talk openly. According to them has a family, attends the school and has a very clear ideology as well. All this indicate that there was no wrong intention while taking a selfie with the prime minister. His words of praise for Trudeau are evidence that his intentions are right and it was just by chance that he came across the prime minister.

Though there are no charges against him but being a subject of investigation, it is definitely an important concern on the security as for how anyone can go so close to the prime minister. As per Paul Laurier who is the former investigator of terrorism said that Trudeau is a very open minded person but this should not have happened. This is a question on the security team who did not warn the public and did not even fulfill their duties.

The accusations put on this man are severe.  After the kidnapping incident took place in Syria, the police went with a search warrant at his home and found nothing. He is just a suspect and the same is not proved before the court.


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