Ontario woman got slapped with $20,000 bill from Hydro One

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Nicolla hart has got the shock of her life when Hydro one has slapped $20,000 bill. The rising cost is finally taking a toll on its citizens. She told the media that soon her home will have no power. Nicolla is now fighting the case with the assistance of local United Way. According to her, inaccurate meter reading for the past 4 years created lots of problems and resulted in a huge bill.

Hart complained to hydro one but the officials refused to take steps. Instead, they skirted the issue and let the bill grow. In addition, she also contacted the Hydro one Ombudsman, the Ontario energy board and Salvation Army with no results. The company refuted the claims of Nicolla and told that her payments were lower than the amount charged although it accepted the fact that she filed complaints.

The technicians from hydro one visited her home twice and found that it was working accurately. Even the meter was packed and sent to the Measurement Canada organization for testing and the results are still awaited. In its zeal to promote clean power, the government has increased the hydro bill astronomically, thereby forcing the citizens to agitate and possibly take a legal recourse.

Utility stated that disconnection process will only start once the results are obtained. Hart is also the member of Ontario Disability Support Program and lives all alone in a huge bungalow. She is of the view that not in her wildest of dreams so much power is being used by a single person. Hart didn’t receive any bill right from 2012 to 2013. In fact, the bills didn’t show actual readings but only the estimated version. She also stopped heating the home with electricity but in spite of the step, the bill still goes north.


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