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The coal industry in Alberta is on the verge of a lock down and it is being witnessed across the city of Hanna. Empty lots and buildings greet the visitors. Lucy Bradfield who is also the owner of Home style Pies commented that earlier crews used to drop in the city and spend their money in a lavish manner. Now gone are the days and business is touching the lowest of the low. Buildings that are not being used are demolished on a regular basis.

The provincial government in its zeal to have a green economy is forcing the coal-based power plants to close down rendering people jobless and making once thriving towns as ghost replicas of the past. Hanna has a population of more than 2700 people who are dependent on the coal industry for their livelihood.

Bradfield told the media that her profits are steadily going downward with a very bleak future for the people involved in coal. Hanna is bound to soon become a ghost town in the near future. Climate change rules and regulation implemented by the Alberta government states that the province should shut down every coal plant by 2030.

People who are sensing the opportunity outside of the industry are moving out. Business families living in the area are feeling the pinch to a great extent. Warwick, the head of the home hardware has decided to release few workers off the payroll. NDP government has created a three-member government panel to the labor and industry. Panel members include labor lawyer Ritu Khullar, Ken Devaney and Kerry Jothen who is also the CEO of Human Capital Strategies.

Warwick is apprehensive about the efforts of the government as the panel is biased towards the industry. Therefore, whatever they may propose, it is not going to affect the situation on the ground.


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