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American Christian leader comes out in full support of Trump

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For the first time, Christian leader in Canada has come out in complete support of Trump. It is a welcome relief after the debate fiasco in the US where he is trailing significantly to Hillary. He also added that whosoever is the leader without God they would not be able to deliver required performance. Reverend Graham stated that believing in any party is foolhardy but it is God who will save people from the global challenges of the future.

He doesn’t claim to be a republican but the Christian leader is an ardent supporter of the conservative party and his line of thinking is a huge support for the right wingers. Graham is one of the Top TV evangelists in the US and has a huge following especially in the political circle. What more, trump may get a booster dose as the public expression appeals to the fence sitters who cannot decide between the republicans and democrats.

Franklin graham supports the stance of Trump against Syria and is highly critical of the steps taken by Obama. According to him, the democrats are increasingly appealing the fundamentalist regime in Tehran. The republican candidate has time and again talked about the plight of Saeed Abedini who is an American pastor arrested in Iran. His family hasn’t seen him since 2012 but Obama is not making a single effort to secure his release.

Reverend graham’s support on the crucial juncture is bound to make the presidential race more interesting. If he adds few percentages of votes to the republicans, it can fire up the campaign of Trump. Barack Obama is short-changing Israel and the policy doesn’t sit well with the republicans. It is still unclear what the significance of the support is but in any case the presidential campaign is bound to hot up the winter season.


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