CBC Calls It Vulgar, We Call It Awesome!

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The north east leg of the Anthony Henday to complete the Edmonton ring road is finally finished after 5 years and $1.8 billion spent.

I personally have been working in this part of Edmonton for the last 4 years, trying to find your way around the north east side of Edmonton can be hard if construction and lanes keep changing every week, it’s finally over, I passed there yesterday and it’s looks awesome!

We call it awesome, but CBC is the only one in Canada that found the sign offensive, their headline for this report?

“Electronic sign shows vulgar message of relief about Anthony Henday”

Not even Alberta Transportation thinks it’s that bad, their response was:

‘The wording is not the kind we would use, and we had it changed immediately’

Hundreds of people responded to a video someone posted and said it was “awesome”, and “only in Alberta,” for many people in Alberta driving on that road everyday it’s a sure sign of relief, everyone other than CBC thought it was awesome and showed great sense of humour.

The use of the vulgar language may strike up a sensitivity with the public, especially considering the recent verbal attacks on Premier Rachel Notley and other female politicians.


Do you think the sign is awsome? Share if you do, and boycott the CBC.