Denmark allows breaking the law on its land by allowing the migrants to have child bride

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Authorities in Denmark have decided to reunite the migrant child brides with their older husbands after they realized they are breaching the basic law of “human rights” by following the Danish Law.

In Nordic Nation, the legal age of marriage for girls is 18 years. However, special exemptions are done for the migrants as the authorities are seeing the separation of the couples as a violation of their rights.

Amongst the total migrants, 27 of them are under the age of 18 and are married. Also, if reports are to be believed, there are 2 girls of 14 years of age who have been married to 24 and 28 year old men respectively. One of the girls is even expecting a baby.

In Denmark, the legal consent age is 15 years and whoever is caught violating the law and getting involved sexually with minors are to be jailed for a minimum of 8 years. As the exceptions have already been made in Denmark by granting marriage permissions to people at 15 years of age, the bar is being further lowered to maintain the human rights of the immigrants.

In an official message by Danish Immigration, it stated that they are offering to house couples together as in few of the cases managing separate quarters will not match with the International obligations of Denmark.

The decision has been welcomed by Josephine Fock who is an MP of The Alternative Party and was the main person to campaign for this issue.

In Germany last month, a report was published which claimed to have more than one thousand child brides. The local courts of Germany have allowed exceptions for married people who are below the legal age.

The exception for the 14 year and 15 year olds have been made for married abroad cases which do not include any sign of forced union.


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