Liberals spend $198K to find out what Canadians really think?

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The Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau was asked by MP Bob Zimmer of British Columbia to share the information regarding the money spent on focus groups and polling. In response, the Council office stated in its 108-page document, an amount of $42,667.22 was spent on Polling from November 2015 to June 2016. The Polling was to know the Perception of the Canadians regarding government priorities.

Adding to it, an amount of $72,240.00 was given to a company of Canada named Achielson for focus groups for a similar topic.

Another high budget was sanctioned to a Marketing Leger to form focus groups to know about the perception of Canadians about the current and ongoing events in the state including the status of the economy.

The total amount comes to a whopping $189,767.07 which was poured by the Federal Government on market research in tenure of 7 months just to figure out what Canadians are thinking about the government and what are they seeking from it. Even after spending a fortune on these researches, the actions of the government nowhere indicate that the money was spent for good.

The official website of the Canadian Parliament states that the Privy Council Office is at times, referred to as the department of the Prime Minister, as it reports to the Prime Minister directly.

Despite the fact that the Council office is an Independent Office, one of the key responsibilities of the office is to impart support to the decision-making process of the cabinet which indicates that polling serves to the political agenda.

Ironically, the Federal Government condemns the Need for a Referendum and is still spending thousands of dollars in Researches asking the Canadians what they think about the government and their priorities.