Obama Says He Won’t Leave Office If Trump Wins

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President Barack Obama is always is news for his strong and power statements. And this time, too he has come up with a statement that if Donald Trump is elected as the next President he will take the necessary action but will not quick the office.

The US is a democratic country and it is the people who elect their President but this time Obama is very sure that he will not allow this to happen and give his vote of “no confidence” to ensure that fresh re-elections take place in the country. Until that time he will be working in the office and in no case will vacate the same.

When asked about his decision, he said that this is done for the good will and benefit of the nation. Obama said that he will make every effort to ensure that Trump does not enter the office and twill try to keep him refrain no matter what the conditions. He and his family will confine themselves within the White House so that he is unable to enter it.

Even Trump was questioned on this statement and he was very clear with his step and assured that something will be done to cope with the situation. He is not at all worried as what Obama said and is just focusing on the elections right now.

It is definitely a troubling situation as it is difficult to predict what will happen once the elections are over. Will Obama follow his words or Trump will back out in order to avoid any chaos? Nothing can be said right now but we can only wait to see what the result of the election is and how the situation is handled by the current President.

So tell us whom you support, Trump or Obama.