Rachel Notley Says There’s No Future With Alberta Oil

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With global warming being one of the most talked about issues, Alberta has decided to modify the energy policy by closing down the coal-fired power plants and focusing more on the solar as well as wind power sources to generate electricity.

Premier Rachel Notley said she sees no long-term future in fossil fuels, predicting Alberta would wean itself off dirty energy within a century.

Notley thinks she has creative ways to overcome the climate change problem and will try her best to ensure that the new policy on energy actually works. For this, she will also talk to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and discuss how the things should go about.

Notley has decided to introduce her new policy at the International UN climate conference being held in Paris this December. Canada is said to have the third largest reserves of carbon and therefore its proper utilization is very necessary. According to Notley , we have adequate resources of the energy but that does not mean we waste it. A plan has to be made to utilize the energy and make sure it helps to fight with the global issue of climate change.

She has already started her journey and visited places like Toronto and New York to search the investors who are ready to work on her project to clear the tar sands and maximize the use of the solar and wind energy.

Her initiative is definitely something that should be complimented as it is a smart approach and worth trying. She has even decided to raise the issue in the international UN summit so that she can get some help from other countries as well.

Apart from the initiative taken by the government, several campaigns and programs are also running to guide people on the same and get their support. This is really a great start as together we can fight with the problem and make this place a better one to live said Notley.

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