Hillary Clinton Wants To Drone Julian Assange

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According to recent reports, Hillary Clinton who is the presidential candidate wishes to drone Julian Assange. As per the True Pundit, the state department was under tremendous pressure before Wikileaks was released because it has around 250, 000 cables initiated from the year 1966 to 2010.

In support of the same, Wikileaks posted a story on their Twitter account together with the screenshot as well.

Several meeting were held to discuss the ways to come out of the problem as the site exposed many secrets related to the Afghanistan War and Iraq even before the promised date. This was definitely a critical situation as the government was facing pressure from the White House as well as the foreign governments too.

When Clinton suggested drone as one of the solutions, the US government planned to give a reward to the person who would help them to come out of this situation and $10 million prices was finalized at the end.

Clinton sent emails to Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin Mills focussing on both the legal as well as nonlegal strategies. Even after the meeting, Wikileaks kept releasing their Cable Gate files in the year 2010.

As there was a disagreement factor related to the affair, a number of meetings were held to come up with some solution that would put an end to the drone strike. Every effort was being made to combat the situation.

Assange planned to make an important announcement during the Ecuadorian Embassy in London but got trapped for 5 years and things have been canceled keeping in mind the security reasons.

“October Surprise” which is a leaked teaser is definitely a damage to the reputation of Clinton especially just before when the elections are about to take place. As per the latest news, the announcement will be made on the 10th-anniversary celebration in Berlin and the event will be addressed by none other than Assange.


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