ISIL Prepares For Showdown In Dabiq, Syria

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Rebels in Syria say that they are within forty-eight hours of reaching Dabiq, a town held by ISIL which is considered the preordained site for the last apocalyptic battle between Christians and Muslims.

Turkish, American, and the opposition forces are getting near ISIL where they will fight a battle that ends the world.

Prophet Muhammad had said 1400 years ago that the last hour wasn’t going to come until one of the Islamic armies were able to defeat the Romans here. The modern reading by this extremist group says that they are the Crusaders here and the Americans along with their allies are the Romans.

Even though Dabiq is a town near Aleppo and very close to Turkey, it holds very little strategic value. Still, ISIL is going to defend it very fiercely because of what they believe.

ISIL has sent hundreds of experienced fighters there over the last few weeks.

One of the rebel commanders said that their advance was slowed since the militants had mined the area heavily.

More than 35 fighters were wounded and 21 killed because of mortar fire and booby traps in Turkman Barih which is three miles away. This is the highest death toll for Syrian rebels since Turkey’s tanks and troops entered Syria this August.

The FSA fighters, with support from three-hundred US special forces troops, are pushing southward in an attempt to get rid of ISIL from Turkey’s border and cut off all of their supply routes.

The rebels have captured all of the villages around Dabiq recently and were expecting to reach the outskirts of the town within 48 hours as of Monday.

Analysts are saying that even a loss in Dabiq is not going to dent the resolve of the group, though. They believe that there will be a lot of suffering and setbacks before they can reach the Promised Land.


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