One Of ISIS’ Leaders May Be Poisoned

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a kingpin of the Islamic State was reportedly poisoned during a feast which has made him seriously ill.

The leader of ISIS and three of his commanders were eating in Be’aj, Iraq when this happened. All four of them have suffered from a severe case of poisoning and were forced to be transferred to an undisclosed location with some very strict measures in places as reported by local news agency WAA.

This barbaric terror group then proceeded to launch a comprehensive investigation in order to try and find out who was behind this.

Over the last few years, Baghdadi has managed to rise to the top in the world of terrorism and is now considered the most fearsome jihadi leader after Osama bin Laden. The US government has already placed a bounty of $7 million on him.

Since 2013, he, along with his network of ruthless killers has taken over a very large part of Iraq and Syria. They rule large cities and small towns under Sharia law with an iron-fist.

Baghdadi has even sent military-trained soldiers into nations of the West to carry out a number of deadly attacks while he has also encouraged a number of lone wolves with the help of social media to partake in acts of bloodshed. There are a number of innocent people who have gotten slaughtered because of these attacks all across America and Europe.

This radical cleric has even participated, allegedly, in the torture and rape of Kayla Mueller, a 26-year-old from Arizona who was kidnapped while in Syria providing humanitarian aid. She was killed in February during an airstrike on ISIS in Jordan.

He had been captured in Fallujah by US soldiers during the invasion of Iraq in 2004. After spending many years in Camp Bucca, a US prisoner camp in the southern part of Iraq, he was released and subsequently became the head of ISIS in 2010.


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