Trudeau is losing support in Canada, but gaining support from foreign Muslims

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For some time now, many Canadians who voted for Trudeau and the liberal party have been hoping that their leader Justin Trudeau will make Canada better than former PM Stephen Harper did, but with many broken promises from the Trudeau government, liberal supporters are losing faith in their PM.

The Liberals broke their promise of ending special tax treatments for income from CEO stock options. They also approved a Conservative deal for shipping armored vehicles worth $15 billion to Saudi Arabia. The middle-class tax cut may have sounded like something which may benefit you, but it turns out that the maximum benefit is for people earning between $89,000 and $200,000. This could result in a lot of added-pressure for Canadian residents, especially if they are also required to file any foreign affiliates. But you can get this sort of help from places like but how are you supposed to benefit from the tax cut if you aren’t earning enough?

Early worries may be forgiven, but since Labour Day, the question of whether Justin Trudeau is betraying the Liberals is upon us again.

The worry is because of some of the biggest issues troubling Canadians right now, climate change, the economy, and health care. Trudeau used to sound like a friend; now he isn’t.

It seemed the Liberals were all for this and echoed these concerns. They use to attack the targets by Harper as inadequate, catastrophic, and the weakest. Yet a couple of weeks ago, they adopted the same targets, Justin Trudeau is continuing to lose support in Canada and gaining support in Arab countries as he is too soft of terrorism, immigration screening and may other things that would benefit the Muslim community, even ISIS has shown support for Trudeau.

Trudeau has to continuously promote himself to Canadians, his Facebook page has over 3 million likes, 3/4 of those fans are foreign Muslims who want to come to Canada, Trudeau is spending thousands of dollars to promote his Facebook page to a Canadian audience to offset the Muslim fans he has, and this will be a steady expense for the next 1,111 days for the liberal party.

As far as health care is concerned, there are a number of working class, young, and senior Canadians who don’t have health benefits. They rely totally on universal health care. This is why there was a lot of worrying when Harper said he was going to reduce the Canada Health Transfer formula and remove $36 billion from provincial health plans over the next 10 years. Yet again, the Liberals opted the same targets last week as their own.

Strange, wouldn’t it seem?


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