Vagina smuggling becoming a serious issue nowadays

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A woman in Florida was arrested for driving a vehicle without any identification proof. When the police officials asked her to show the same, she just denied of not having any ID proof.

The police officials went into a serious inquiry about the woman and the vehicle when they received information that she was alleged in some kind of hit and run. This is not the first time that she was suspected because the woman was arrested in 2015 too with a similar issue.

As it was a matter of concern for the police officials, the woman was brought to Broward Sheriff Office so that the further proceedings can be done. When asked rigorously about the ID proof, it was found that she has kept the same in her private parts. This was definitely a shocking one for the officials as per the WSVN news.

The jail has an X-ray machine through which it was found that the identification card was kept in the private part of the woman and therefore she was sent to the hospital so that it could be taken off.

When she was taken outside the jail, the woman really misbehaved and even urinated in public which was considered very indecent.

After the things were sorted in the hospital, Nauden was brought back to the jail where she was charged with a warrant along with the allegations that she exposed in public.

Though vagina smuggling is a quite common thing nowadays according to Huffington Post but the law does not permit the same. Today women are not just storing their Id’s in their vagina but drugs and handguns as well.

A similar case took place in Florida where Jennifer Renee Crosby was arrested in October for some charges. Initially, she too denied but the further inspection proved that she hid the drugs into the vagina.


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