ISIS is about to hit Canada in new style lone wolf attacks 

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The so called Islamic State has called on all Muslims to carry out lone wolf attacks in a different way, there has been three widely public style lone wolf attacks by ISIS supporters over the last year. 

  1. Bombs
  2. Guns
  3. Ramming into crowds with trucks 

The latest new strategy as reported by PJ Media is for Muslims to stab people in quiet neighbourhoods. 

A new magazine issued by the Islamic State advises lone jihadists to get over any squeamishness about using knives and embrace sharp objects as “widely available” weapons of jihad in nighttime stabbing campaigns.

ISIS’ Al-Hayat Media Center issued the second issue of its magazine Rumiyah, meaning Rome, in English, Turkish, German, French, Indonesian, Russian, Arabic and Uyghur. […] In the first issue of Rumiyah, which debuted a month ago, jihadists were advised to target teens playing sports after school or even flower sellers hawking blooms on the street.

The Canadian population has reached 36 million over the last year due to increase of Muslim refugees, 30,000 refugees have been brought into Canada over the last year, only a handful are known to be Christian. 

Are we at risk? 

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