Leonardo DiCaprio will snap at you if you contribute to climate change 

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While addressing an audience at the inauguration of South by South lawn with President Obama and Scientist Katherine Hayhoe,

DiCaprio targeted people who were denying climate change. He said that now that the reports are out and if still, people are not willing to accept the truth, they are denying facts, scientific truths and thus in his opinion should be banned from holding positions in public offices.

This attack was supposedly done on none other than Trump who has always been in a denial mode when it comes to Climatic changes.

DiCaprio was present there to promote Before the Flood which is a documentary by National Geography in which Leo tours to various places in the world by his private jet and talks to celebrities like Elon Musk, Pope Francis, Barack Obama and other business leaders and dignitaries who hold a similar opinion like him on the issues related to climatic change.

President Obama emphasized the importance of addressing issues related to the environment. The president was in an “I am as cool as Leo and do not perceive me as a boring President of the United States” mode.

Katherine Hayhoe was on the other hand present to add to the scientific facts. She said that we all are pouring in a lot of money, efforts, prayers etc in a bucket and that bucket has a big hole at its base. With the hole, she meant the climate change.

This statement has by far been the wisest and truest thing ever said by any climate scientist.

The climatic change industry has been putting in a lot of dollars in a bucket with a large hole in it. The estimated amount comes up to $1.5 trillion and the impact that it will have on global warming would be a reduction of just 0.048 degree Celsius.

With everything said and done, we are still waiting to hear from Leo about his connection with the $3 billion of Malaysian scheme.