Refugee violence discovered in Edmonton and Calgary schools

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The mainstream media is hiding this type of news, you won’t find it on CBC, reports of violence like throwing rocks and using unknown Arabic language have now been discovered in Alberta.

From The Rebel on Calgary:

“During soccer today (one of the Syrian migrants) got upset at a student. He picked up a rock and threw it at the student who ducked, and another student was hit in the face.”

“The students shout In Arabic and (one migrant student) goes at them fists pounding. Students have to be physically separated and (the Syrian student in question) stays in a heightened angered state for well over an hour after each incident and needs to be monitored closely.”

From The Rebel in Edmonton in a email sent to The Rebel:

“The Mennonite Society in Edmonton [or EMCN, an immigrant settlement agency] has indicated there have been challenges in Edmonton schools with some youth demonstrating aggressive behaviors; and in some situations being expelled from the school.”

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