“I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression” says US Chess champion

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Nazi Paikidze, US Chess champion, in an interview said that she will be boycotting the World chess championship in Iran as she will be forced to adorn a hijab. She stated that she won’t be wearing the hijab and support the oppression of women.

The young champion is aware of the opportunity she would be missing but sticks firmly to her decision. She is already winning hearts on social media platforms like twitter and facebook where she has openly announced her decision to boycott the competition. This, however, is not going quite well with International chess women’s committee whose chairperson took to twitter and asked Nazi Paikidze to discuss the issue with WOM and FIDE instead of discussing it on social platforms.

In response to her tweet, Nazi said that she has already taken up this issue with committee but thanks to platforms like twitter, the issue is being addressed and getting its much-needed attention. She was thankful to everyone who was re-tweeting her tweet and raising the topic.

Polgar immediately shot back to her tweeting that she along with the members of @WOMChess are trying their level best to help Polgar but all they are getting in return is an insult.

The young champion fearlessly tweeted back that none of her tweets had anything personal against Polgar or anyone but the decision of FIDE.

Paikidze made it clear that she won’t be being a part of this championship as she finds it ironic that an International Women’s chess competition is being conducted in a country where women are devoid of their fundamental rights and are looked upon as inferior sex. She is happy with the support that she is getting from the citizens of Iran who face these atrocities on a daily basis.  This interview was given to the founder of MyStealthyFreedom.

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