Ontarians are forced to choose: Eat or Heat

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Ontario Government had introduced plans for the renewable energy so that it could save the money of the people. But all the efforts went in vain as the new energy plans did not offer the desired benefits but increased the problems of the local people.

The situation became worst as the people had only two choices before them either eat or heat.

One of the older couples of Ontario who were living a happy life is now suffering a lot. It is because of their increasing electricity bill that has become a question of worry for them. They are living on a pension and do not have enough money to spend on the high electricity bill.  Earlier they took preventive measures to save electricity and made minimum use of the appliances. But with the new renewable energy plans, things have changed a lot.

They do not have enough resources to pay the bills due to which they are cutting down on vegetables, fruits and another day to day needs. This scenario has become quite common in Ontario as there are many families who are not able to afford the increased cost of living.

As per the recent research it has been found that the people of Ontario pay a higher electricity bill as compared to other cities like Edmonton where a monthly bill goes up to around $105, in Winnipeg, the bill reaches to about $85 and $75 in Montreat. Even after several energy plans, the conditions are not improving rather than deteriorating day by day.

Currently, the chances of improvement are quite less as the government’s Climate Change Plan includes numerous high-cost policies like the subsidy on buying the cars etc. So, for now, there is no relief from the government’s end and people will surely have to try ways to overcome this situation.


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