Ontario chooses land over Human heatlh

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Ottawa Hospital’s civic campus was built in the year 1942. This campus caters to downtown along with the entire region and is in dire need of an upgrade. The building is 92 years old and everyone agrees to the fact that it needs a quick up gradation.

This idea of renovation is, however, clashing with the green ideologies of the Environment minister Catherine McKenna. In the past, McKenna in an interview said that they will have a price for carbon usage and it shall not be a fixed price. The price shall be increased gradually so that a check can be kept on the usage of energy.

Ottawa hospital is one of the busiest hospitals and since it has been in work from past 92 years it desperately needs to be replaced. In 2007 the officials of the hospital were on a lookout for an alternative place to move the hospital. After a lot of discussions and research, they proposed to move the hospital across the street and built it on the Central Experimental Farm. The Experimental Farm stretches on hundreds of acres of land which has not been put to any use.

The hospital estimated to use 60 acres of 900-acre land to build the hospital. However, this proposed idea is being opposed by the Green ideologies of Minister McKenna. According to her the assessments of the environment haven’t been conducted in a proper manner and so the hospital cannot be built here.

All this controversy would mean a lot of delay in building a new hospital resulting in the suffering of the common people. The liberals, however, are comfortable in putting the health of the people as a secondary option in comparison to a piece of land. It seems the Liberals wish to change everything that Conservatives have so far done.


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