Trudeau’s National Energy Program is like his Father’s, only much worse

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Pierre Trudeau had introduced National Energy Program with the whole sole motive to nationalize the private companies and transfer Alberta’s wealth to Quebec and Ontario. But this was done with some reason behind as the oil prices in Alberta were going down and so a better way was to provide it to the east.

Walking on the footprints of his father, Justin Trudeau has also introduced Carbon Tax which means that you will have to pay for the air as well.

A similar law was introduced in Australia but was banned in 2014. The US have no such law because there is no logic or reason for having such an act.

According to many, it is definitely a very bad approach and the worst decision made by Justin. Surely the people will fight for it and make sure it turns out to be a national revolt against the carbon tax. Even the opposition is not happy with the introduction of such a law and believes that people should come together to fight for the same. Media, judges, lawyers etc must come forward in support so as to demolish the carbon tax law.

A website named Stop the Carbon Tax has been created where people can show their support and motivate others to join the same. This law is definitely one of the worst decisions as there is no logic behind it. This is the reason that people want to revolt against it and are looking for support from everyone.

If you too feel that this law is injustice on the part of the people, do visit the official website of Stop the Carbon Tax and render your support. You can catch more on this law with journalist Mickey Kaus who will be telecasting the debate on the topic. So watch out for this news on how this law will affect the people.