Alberta Restaurants owners forced to cut hours after $1 hike in minimum wage

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The hike in the minimum wage of the workers in Alberta has become a question of concern for the restaurant owners. Recently one-dollar hike in the minimum wage accounts to $12.20 which is quite high as compared to the other countries. It is becoming difficult for the owners to pay their staff as they need to have a balance between the front-of-house staff and back-of-house staff. That is why they have decided to cut hours in order to fight with this problem.

According to Mark Von Schellwitz, this is the only way to manage the situation with a round of layoffs being another choice open before us. He said that we have gathered together so that we can come up with some solution to bring down the labor cost in Alberta. They are looking to create a balance which would help the front and the back-of-house staff.

Currently, 35 cents is what is given as the labor cost against a dollar.

According to the latest reports, it is predicted that the labor cost will go up to $13.60 in the coming months and can reach to $15 by October 2018. The opposition party is definitely against it because so quick hikes in the cost will affect the businesses thereby making the conditions terrible. It will also have a bad impact on the economy as it is difficult to pay such a huge minimum wage to the workers.

In one of the interviews, Rachel Notley said that he discards any such notion because the hike in the wage will not have any effect on the economy. According to him, the government is putting their best efforts to maintain the balance so that both the workers, as well as the businesses, can progress.

The government is trying to fight inequality and is looking for ways to accomplish the purpose.


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