Justin Trudeau isn’t Your Friend, here’s proof

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Justin Trudeau was in the audience when The Tragically Hip played their last concert in Ontario recently. He had tweeted a photo of himself hugging Gord Downie, the lead singer too.

Trudeau had sold himself as a candidate who was against austerity and promised a number of social measures including legalizing marijuana. Even though he shares very few political comments, he was not a left-wing candidate in any way. He was just able to appeal to the conscience of the Canadians.

He got a gender-balanced cabinet and said he was a feminist. He also got a number of colored people to join his cabinet including Harjit Sajjan as his defense minister.

There’s no denying Canada loves Trudeau. The global media loves this cool prime minister. While Trump just says that they love him in China, the Chinese actually do love, Trudeau. The CEO and Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, says he’s the future of Canada. He’s portrayed just like John Lennon, his father’s old friend.

The Labor party doesn’t offer much of an alternative but Trudeau did choose to run on a Keynesian platform.

Just look at the settlement between the CUPW and Canada Post. CUPW managed to hold their ground and got a lot of support from the community around the world. The union was able to stave off the two-tiered pension plan. The state may have been able to enforce binding arbitration or called back employees to work. But when CUPW was in a position to strike, the labor minister got a mediator involved.

Trudeau has had a terrible record when it comes to private-sector labor issues. He has privileged corporations over workers with the help of CETA.

His foreign policy appeared scaled back as compared to the warmongering of his predecessor. But the fact of the matter is, it is just as aggressive, if not more. Is Trudeau really a friend?


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