Kathleen Wynne Hint Trailer Park Boys Need To Stop Drinking

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The recent promotion of LCBO by Trailer Park Boys is suggesting you mix booze with a 6-paper joint. It even suggests that it is okay to drink booze early morning.

It says that you are going to wake up on some days and begin drinking even before 10 am. The LCBO launched this brand on Thursday, and there is absolutely no sign of social responsibility when it comes to this state-run liquor store. It may be a spoof, but the Trailer Park Boys’ trademark has always been profanity, drugs, and booze.

On the other hand, the LCBO is supposed to be a government agency which is dedicated to social responsibility. They have been entrusted with selling booze to the people since people need to know how to sensibly do this.

Stocking products which tell people to get liquor before noon and what works well with a spliff isn’t a role the government should be taking on at any time. Kathleen Wynne said she hadn’t even heard about the product. She said that she was going to look into it since nothing about it sounded savory.

An LCBO spokesman said that the offensive materials wasn’t advertising by them and were created by the brand’s manufacturer.

Every manufacturer is subject to the AGCO advertising guidelines independently when it comes to beverage alcohol.

LCBO follow CRTC and AGCO guidelines for its reviews and advertising too. All of the labels for the products they sell as within the guidelines of the federal labeling rules. This means that they also screen for any misleading or possibly offensive graphics or wordings before any product is approved for LCBO stores.

Deb Matthews, the Deputy Premier said that the government is serious when it comes to social responsibility. Since the LCBO is the only seller of liquor in the province, they have a huge social responsibility. But the Liberals are also planning to legalize marijuana. If both these things are legal, then there’s no harm in legalizing them now is there.