Muslim Leader “Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islam”

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A few days back a video got viral which showcases the interview of Mullah Krekar who speaks about the ideologies related to Koran. He says that according to Koran “Muslims have the right to kill the person who does not respect Islam”. He was very honest with his view and said that this is what mentioned in the holy book and it is essential for everyone to respect the religion both Muslims and non Muslims.

Another question that was put before him was related to the punishment that a person should be given if he or she burns Koran. Krekar said that burning Koran is surely the insult of the religious thoughts and of the community on the whole so death is the punishment for them. No matter to which place the person belongs, it is the community which will decide the punishment for them. The rules are same for everyone even if the sin is committed by popular people.

Mullah talked about the things which are mentioned in the Koran as well as Hadith. He said that people following Koran will fear of committing any crime as they know the punishment for the same.

Every religion should be respected and if not then they should be punished so that it is the lesson for the other people. Mullah said that their religion is everything for them and if someone tries to disrespect it, they will surely kill them as it is the question of life and death.

When asked about whether killing the person is true justice, he said yes because the person should be punished for doing wrong and there is no harm in killing such people who disrespect Islam.

If you want to get an insight of the Islam religion, just watch the video of Mullah Krekar which focuses on what Islam is all about.


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