Muslims Are Buying Gas Stations To Prepare For Jihad

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John Guandolo, the disgraced FBI agent who then became an anti-Muslim activist was on Crosstalk last week and said Muslim Americans were taking jobs in convenience stores gas stations, and hotels in order to lay out the groundwork for a jihad in the US.

He says that at least one manager in the biggest hotels of the biggest cities in the United States are Muslim. He asked what we thought about it. With the statistical probability of this being true being zero, it means this has got to be intentional.

Is all of this just random or is it that the Muslim community has decided to purchase 7-Elevens and gas stations in important states like Texas, California, New York, etc.? Are they doing what they say they’re doing or is this all part of the largest terrorism trial for America in history?

As far as the military is concerned, from the point of view of intelligence collection, preparing a battlefield, logistics, physical weapons training, etc., is all being done and there is evidence to prove this too.

Guandolo continued to give a detailed explanation of his theory as part of a recent column.

Later on in this program, he argued that most of the Syrian refugees who were choosing to resettle in America were Muslim and this is a clear sign that Barack Obama is helping the enemy prepare for war in the United States intentionally. At the end of the day, he feels we’re asking for it, and we deserve what we’re going to get.

As far as Islamists are concerned, these people aren’t considered refugees, they are Mujahirun. They are people who are coming to America with the purpose of settling in the country until the time has come. As a part of this settlement, just the process of settlement is a clear indication of the civilization of the jihadist process.