Right-Wing Leader In Germany Compares Migrant With Compost

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Politicians all over Germany condemned the Alternative für Deutschland party’s leader for a comment made earlier in the week comparing migrants with compost.

Dismissing any notion of migrants making German society diverse, Frauke Petry compared the colorful campaign with a colorful heap of compost.

Petry was greeted with thunderous applause at the conference, but German politicians from around the country didn’t waste a single minute in condemning these comments of hers.

Petry made this statement on Monday at a conference which had gathered around 300 of the Alternative für Deutschland members at Stuttgart.

This isn’t the first time that Petry caused outrage in her country. In January she had suggested the police should be allowed to shot migrants who cross illegally over the border.

The mood during the conference was triumphant. The party won a number of seats in various state parliaments. They even manage to pick up 14% of the votes in Berlin. They are now represented in 10 states in Germany with 16% national polls. They are poised to become the third biggest party in Germany right now.

The growth of the party is a direct result of Angela Merkel allowing 900,000 migrants to enter Germany in 2015.

At the conference, Petry said that the immigrants were supposed to be qualified, engineers and doctors, but they were illiterate mostly. She also mentioned how Islamic assassins managed to make their way into the country in this way.

Within the political establishment of Germany, Petry is considered a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is calm and has a wholesome face. The perfect leader for the far-Right party in Germany. Officials are keen to distance their party from other thuggish groups like the NPD party and to be considered a socially respectable alternative.

Outside the hall, there were a number of anti-fascist demonstrators gathered who were holding signs which read NAZIS OUT.