Trudeau plans to change immigration laws to protect Monsef

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Every country has its own laws when it comes to giving citizenship to the people. If anyone is found violating the laws or providing wrong information for the citizenship, strict action is taken against them. Recently a similar case took place in Canada where a person called Maryam Monsef is charged with providing the false information to get the citizenship. According to the immigration pass, her birthplace is mentioned Afghanistan where she actually comes from Iran.

In one of the earlier cases when an Egyptian provided wrong information for the citizenship of Canada, he was stripped but with Maryam Monsef no stand has been taken till now. When asked to Justin Trudeau about it, he has no answer for it. The government is trying their ways to put an end to the controversy and even change the laws to fight with the condition.

John McCallum who is the immigration minister of the Canada is of the view that there is a lot of pressure from the government and it has become difficult to take any decision. Steps are being taken to bring a reform in the laws so that Monsef can be protected.

Before the scandal of Monsef, the government had no issues in stripping the people or deporting them but the Monsef case has definitely changed everything. The Trudeau government is thinking a lot before taking any decision as even the Prime Minister is in full support of Monsef.

It is definitely a crime to get citizenship through wrong information and is an act of punishment but the government is doing injustice by taking the side of Monsef.

If the government is unable to take the right decision, it will be very unfair on the part of the local people. For now, we will have to wait to see what the next step of the government is.