Former ISIS Captive Now Tracks Jihadists In Germany

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Masoud Aqil had been imprisoned for nine months by ISIS where he was tortured, beaten, and threatened with execution for being a journalist.

He is safely in Germany now and is helping the authorities track anyone with links to ISIS a group who destroyed his life and killed his friends and family.

This 23-year-old was studying at Aleppo University when the civil war in Syria began and fled the city when students were murdered in the bombing in 2013.

He looked for safety in Qamishli, his hometown, but jihadist had already started launching their advance by then. While trying to finish his degree while at home, he became a video journalist and after doing it for a year, he was on his way to an assignment in December 2014 when he was captured.

Then began his nine-month nightmare of being moved around ISIS controlled cities and being tortured and interrogated.

He was finally released on the 21st of September 2015. He wanted to work again, but his family made him go to Germany instead since it was safer. A couple of his siblings already lived there which is why it was his first choice.

He was able to find refugee accommodation in Germany, but he didn’t forget the threats his captors has made about attacking Europe.

This was when he started creating a database of possible ISIS members who might already be in Germany. With the help of Der Spiegel, Aqil handed all of the information he put together to the authorities in the hopes that they would monitor and investigate his list of suspects.

Just a few days ago his family was dealt another blow when ten of his relatives were among thirty victims of a suicide bombing at the hands of ISIS in Al-Hasaka.

He said that everybody needs to do what they can in order to attack ISIS in their way. Attacking doesn’t just involve guns; their mentality can be attacked too.


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