Jamie Oliver Wants Justin Trudeau To Fight Childhood Obesity

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Jamie Oliver, food activist and celebrity chef, who is currently in Canada promoting his new cookbook, says that he hopes he will get to have a meeting with the Prime Minister of the country, Justin Trudeau, during his visit.

Oliver said that he spoke to Trudeau about marketing unhealthy foods to children, taxing drinks that contain sugar, food education in school, etc.

Everybody is watching Trudeau at this moment said Oliver using Facebook Live in front of the CN Tower in Toronto last Tuesday.

Many countries in the world are wondering what he will do. The gossip everywhere is that he’s going to do something good. Trudeau met with Oliver on the phone this Thursday as confirmed by the PM’s office.

Oliver said that the PM was quite fit and this was one of the main reasons why he hoped that Trudeau will be willing to take action against childhood obesity.

Nearly a third of the child population in Canada right now are obese, and even though there has been a slight improvement when it comes to overweight children, the obesity rates in the country have plateaued.

Trudeau had written a letter to Jane Philpott, the health minister in November 2015 which outlined plans for introducing restrictions on the marketing of unhealthy beverages and foods to children and improving their food labels.

Canada is a very big country with a lot of diversity but there are some major problems they are facing at the moment feels Oliver.

This is the first generation of kids who are expected to live shorter lives than their parents simply because of the diet-related diseases they are surrounded by.

Critics say that their plans of fighting obesity using a soft drinks tax aren’t too strong. Britain had unveiled a similar bill in August which had also been lobbied by Oliver’s campaign for a Food Revolution.


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